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FACT mix 330: EVOL

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  • You've never heard anything like this before. 105 tracks in 48 minutes celebrating the essence of rave: the Hoover sound.
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    21 May 2012
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    Russell Haswell
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Last Christmas, Russell Haswell collared us and told us that EVOL‘s Wormhole Shubz was hands-down the best album of 2012.

With the full awareness that Haswell has specialist if generally spotless taste (see his 2010 FACT mix), we approached Wormhole Shubz with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. We’re very glad we accepted the recommendation.

EVOL we were already broadly familiar with – led by Barcelona artist Roc Jiménez de Cisnero, currently in partnership with Scotland’s Stephen Sharp, the project had come to worldwide attention with sporadic releases on Mego as far back as 1999 – but their latest album had somehow passed us by. Issued by Entr’acte, the experimental imprint home to editions from artists as diverse as Sudden Infant, Helena Gough and Theo Burt, Shubz‘s accompanying blurb promised “a new step forward in the ongoing audio research/frenzy that Sharp and Jiménez de Cisneros call Rave Synthesis — a deconstruction of rave culture icons under radically different compositional strategies.”

This remarkable record represented “a renewed morphology” for custom-made hoovers, supersaws and other sounds we naturally associate with rave. In its distilling and distancing of these sounds – this “rave slime” – from the familiar structures of club music, EVOL emphasised the wild, alien, abstract quality that had made them so attractive to producers in the first place.

Jiménez de Cisneros and Sharp went back to the source in more ways than one – the Shubz CD booklet featured an interview with Eric Persing, the father of the ‘hoover sound’ – aka the ‘Mentasm sound’. This sound was popularised, and given one of its handles, by Joey Beltram’s 1991 Second Phase track ‘Mentasm’, but was derived from the perfectly named ‘What the?’ patch that Persing had developed for the Roland Alpha Juno synth. As Simon Reynolds wrote in Energy Flash, the ‘Mentasm’ noise spread like a virus in the early 90s, infecting everyone from the Belgian, German and Dutch hardcore scenes to British breakbeat and proto-jungle artists like 4Hero, Rufige Cru and Doc Scott. It became, in Reynolds’ words, “hardcore’s great unifier, guaranteed to activate your E-rush.”

A month or two after Haswell’s initial Shubz recommendation, we were contacted, completely out of the blue, by EVOL themselves. They explained that they’d created a “a compilation of our favourite hoover moments, plus other gems we uncovered whilst digging for more”, and asked us whether we’d like to use it a FACT mix. Sure, we said, at the very least we’ll consider it – send it over. Nothing could have adequately prepared us for what was delivered – a seamlessly edited barrage of 105 tracks in under 49 minutes that left us feeling equally bruised and euphoric. Listening to it was like plugging into some kind of hooligan time-machine and seeing the whole of rave flash before our eyes, like having its essence – that “rave slime” – extracted, purified and piped straight into our skulls. It was, is, in the parlance of the era it celebrates, f**kng mental.

“The majority of the tracks belong to a very specific timeframe,” Roc explains, “namely the golden era of European rave and hardcore around 1990, 1991 and 1992, when the hoover sound was wildly popular and its potential was being explored. Despite quickly becoming a gimmick across the scene, and one that spawned countless shit tunes, the hoover was at its peak in the very early nineties, and the productions of that time set the gold standard for years to come. Hoovers survived as a cliché but hardly evolved after that.”

FACT mix 330 – subtitled Ruff – is therefore to some extent a document of arrested development, of how quickly codified and normalised something insurrectionary can become, but it also showcases the creativity, enthusiasm and ad hoc inventiveness of the second wave of rave – the variety of purpose to which the ‘hoover’ was put within the dancefloor-sating rules of rave is quite astonishing.

The mix’s two foot-long tracklist (see below) is a fascinating artifact in itself, representing virtually all the key artists and labels from the era – many of which would go on to bigger and better things, many of which would fall by the wayside. Whether you’re a dedicated student of early jungle, acid techno and Belgian rave, or whether you’re a relative novice, yet to discover the joys of Sperminator’s ‘No Women Allowed’, FACT mix 330 is essential – we’ve never heard anything quite like it. Put simply: if you weren’t hardcore at the start, you will be by the end.

FACT mix 330 – EVOL

01. Hyper on Experience – Time Stretch (Moving Shadow, 1993)
02. Skanna – Untitled (Skanna, 1993)
03. Cosmic Brian – Hardcore Helmet (Ruff Quality Recordings, 1992)
04. Knight Phantom – Kick Up The Volume “Play It Loud” (Rising High Records, 1992)
05. A.E.K. – Paradise (Bass Sphere, 1992)
06. Rufige Cru – Krisp Biscuit (Power) (Reinforced Records, 1992)
07. English Muffin – The Blood of an English Muffin (Industrial Strength Records, 1993)
08. Franky Jones & DJ Bountyhunter – Speed Area (Megarave Mix) (Bonzai Records, 1994)
09. Interface – Toytown (Mix 1) (Rising High Records, 1992)
10. Son Of God – Sunday Raver (Strictly Hardcore, 1992)
11. Krome and Time – This Sound Is for the Underground (Suburban Base Records, 1992)
12. Dave Charlesworth – Untitled (Energizer, 1992)
13. Smart E’s – Sesame’s Treet (Suburban Base Records, 1992)
14. Tic Tac Toe – Ephemerol (Mickey Finn Remix) (Tic Tac Toe, 1992)
15. The Godfather – Look to the Light (Impact, 1993)
16. Nookie – Give a Little Love (Reinforced Records, 1994)
17. Tango – Can’t Stop The Rush (’93 Remix) (Formation Records, 1993)
18. Bass Selective – Jessica’s Jaw (DJ Only Records, 1993)
19. The Untouchables – N’Joi This (Tough Toonz, 1993)
20. Mind Controller – Trance (K.N.O.R. Records, 1993)
21. Mo Lester – Blue Sky Day (White Label, 1992)
22. The House Crew – Maniac (Hypermix) (Production House, 1992)
23. One Nation – Love Surrender Dove (Blockhouse, 1992)
24. Plexus – Cactus Rythm (Mixed By Mike Ferlin) (DiKi Records, 1991)
25. M-D-EMM – Get Down (Fantasy UFO Mix) (Strictly Underground Records, 1991)
26. Satin Storm – Let’s Get Together (Satin Storm, 1992)
27. Franky Jones & DJ Bountyhunter – Speed Area (Megarave Mix) (Bonzai Records, 1994)
28. Tango and Fallout – Further Intrigue (Tango & Fallout, 1993)
29. Fourth Dimension – Infection (After Dark Recordings, 1993)
30. Citadel of Kaos – Searchin’ 4 Gold (Boombastic Plastic, 1992)
31. DJ Vibes & Wishdokta – No More Tears (Impact, 1994)
32. Studio 2 – Planet Dance (White Label, 1993)
33. Xenophobia – Rush In The House (Remix) (White Label, 1992)
34. MC snippet (Fusion, 1993)
35. Sy-Kick – Nasty Rhythm (Tam Tam Records, 1992)
36. Raver’s Nature – Take Off! (Fire Recordings, 1995)
37. Equation – Energy Buzz (White Label, 1991)
38. DJ Distroi & Boykz – Let Me See If You Can Dance (Flyte Records, 1992)
39. Cybernetic Empire – Equinox (Paradise Records, 1993)
40. Mundo Muzique – Acid Pandemonium (R & S Records, 1991)
41. Marvellous – Blind Date (Fuck Your Blind Date In The Alley Mix) (EVA, 1992)
42. Brainstorm – Sam’s Vision (R&S Records 1991)
43. DJ DD Hass & X-10-CIV – Hi-Tech (Underground Connection Records 1991)
44. Neon – Waves (Tragedy Mix) (Rave 55, 1991)
45. Agent Orange – Sounds A Bit Flakey (Original) (Dog Tag Records 1992)
46. Techno Twins – It’s A Crime (The Maxx Productions, 1991)
47. DJ SS – The E-Face (Bassheavy Mix) (Formation Records 1991)
48. Beat Bites Bit – Exorzist (Cruzifix Mix) (ToCo International, 1992)
49. Francesco Zappala – No Way Out (Nikita Mix) (PWL International, 1992)
50. Adam X – Lost In Hell (Satanic Ritual Mix) (Rave Age Records, 1992)
51. Noys – Ave Maria (No Walz Noys Mix) (Logic Records, 1992)
52. Mundo Muzique – Untitled (R&S Records, 1991)
53. Terrorize – It’s Just A Feeling (7 inch Mix) (Hamster Records, 1992)
54. Ace The Space – 9 is a Classic (Ultimate Rave Mix) (Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1992)
55. Hedgehog Affair – Oh Wow What A Rush (Sound Entity Records, 1991)
56. Low Noise Block – Rave In The Bedroom (Ibiza Records, 1991)
57. Ace The Space – 1 Gun 2 Gun 3 Gun Roar (Dance Pool, 1993)
58. Asmo – Rush The Dance (feat MC Excel) (Amass Recordings, 1992)
59. Doc Scott – Terminator (Absolute 2 Records, 1991)
60. Dread – Quantum Leap (786 Approved, 1992)
61. Knight Phantom – What’s The Situation Now? (Rising High Records, 1992)
62. Lethal – Asako (Blanco Y Negro, 1994)
63. The Movement – Bingo (Sunshine Entertainment, 1992)
64. Rhythm Section – Perfect Love 2am (Rhythm Section Recordings, 1992)
65. Criminal Minds – Re-baptised by Dub (Selector’s Revenge) (White House Records, 1992)
66. 3 Rude Bwoy – Every Body E (Mad House Records, 1992)
67. Sperminator – No Women Allowed (Rotterdam Records, 1992)
68. Aurora – Spectral Bass (Adrenalin Records, 1992)
69. Nebula 2 – Antheama (Reinforced Records, 1991)
70. Holy Noise – The Nightmare (Rotterdam Records, 1992)
71. Deluxe – Unknown (Absolute 2 Records, 1993)
72. Economix – Panic (Not On Label, 1992)
73. Bab’el’on – Rave On The Nile (Mad House Records, 1992)
74. Cypher – Skyhigh (Rave Creator’s Black Gold Mix) (Cold Rush Records, 1994)
75. DJ Distroi & Boykz – Come With It Bad Boy (Flyte Records, 1992)
76. Economix – Equake (Not On Label, 1992)
77. Trip Commando – Eastern Origin (Chorus Mix) (Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1995)
78. Force Mass Motion – Jack Of Diamonds (Rabbit City Records, 1992)
79. 100% Acidferous – Tank (100% Acidferous, 1993)
80. Coolhand Flex – Complete Control (In Touch Records, 1993)
81. Headshop – Universe (Dance Pool, 1993)
82. Tronik House – Spark Plug (Detroit Mix) (KMS, 1992)
83. Tango – Factor 5 (Formation Records, 1991)
84. Multicore – True Techno Gangster (Strictly Underground Records, 1992)
85. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect (Slammin’ Vinyl, 1993)
86. Underground Software – Electronic Pig (Reinforced Records, 1992)
87. Underground Software – Different Ting (Reinforced Records, 1992)
88. 2 Low 4 Zero – Fast (De Kuip-Hardcore-Mix) (Rotterdam Records, 1992)
89. MC snippet (In-Ter-Dance, 1992)
90. Ragga Twins – The Mixed Truth (Shut Up And Dance Records, 1992)
91. The Ultimate Seduction – A Walking Nightmare (Interdance Records, 1993)
92. Tronik House – Spark Plug (Detroit Mix) (KMS, 1992)
93. DJ Professor – Rock Me Steady (PWL International, 1992)
94. Dark Raver – One Fucked Up (Dance International Records, 1991)
95. Pleasure Game – Le Seigneur Des Ténèbres (Destructor Mix) (Music Man Records 1991)
96. Short Circuit – Fuck Me (Rotterdam Records, 1993)
97. Cameo – Money (Reese Hardcore Instrumental) (Reprise Records, 1992)
98. 3 Rude Bwoy – Every Body E (Mad House Records, 1992)
99. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – F*ckin’ Hardcore (Slammin’ Vinyl, 1993)
100. Nasty Django – Ey Loco (Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1992)
101. Dye Witness – Observing The Earth (Mid-Town Records, 1992)
102. Pleasure Game – Le Seigneur Des Ténèbres (Terminator Mix) (Music Man Records 1991)
103. The Men From Del Bosca – Bajo-El-Austral (Giant Trax, 1992)
104. Warped Kore – The Power (White House Records, 1993)
105. Ultra-Sonic – Annihilating Rhythm (Clubscene Records, 1994)



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