R1 Ryders’ DJ Karnak is a force of nature. 

The pairing of Karnak (DJ / producer) and Skeelo (MC), R1 Ryders have released a steady set of EPs across the last three years, with a new one, Speed Bump, due this December. Their music’s effectively UK Funky turned up to eleven: the tempo’s closer to grime, as is the aggression, but it’s when the music’s mixed by Karnak – one of the most ruthless DJs you’ll ever seen at a club – that it really comes to life.

We’ve been talking to R1 Ryders about a FACT mix for what seems like forever, and although the results are more measured than what you’re likely to hear at a club from Karnak – tracks are given longer to breathe, with a steady build that climaxes in a slew of recent R1 productions – it’s still just about the hardest house music coming out of the UK right now, with recent and forthcoming material from Mosca, Randomer, Mala, Claude VonStroke and R1 Ryders’ new label Current.


1. Prophets From Beyond – Circles (R1 Ryders Dub)
2. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve (Broadwalk Records)
3. Mellow Bee – The Hunter (Forthcoming Current)
4. Unknown – Caves (Ben Damage Dub Mix) (CDR)
5. Breach & Midland – Somewhere (Naked Naked)
6. Quest – Shining Light (Dub)
7. S.E.F – Boiling Point (Switched On Records)
8. R1 Ryders – All Nite (R1 Ryders)
9. A-Trak & Zinc Feat Natalie Storm – Like The Dancefloor (Dismantle Remix) (Rinse)
10. Ill Blu – Tick Tock (Madtech)
11. R1 Ryders – Rollercoaster (Forthcoming Party Like Us)
12. Kry Wolf & Claude VonStroke – Turbosteppa (Forthcoming Dirtybird)
13. Mosca Feat Katy B – What You Came For (Rinse)
14. Randomer – This Train (Forthcoming Hemlock)
15. R1 Ryders – Low Tread (Forthcoming Current)
16. R1 Ryders – Diskotek (Dub)
17. R1 Ryders – On My Own (Forthcoming Party Like Us)
18. Killjoy – Ankle Tag (Dub)
19. R1 Ryders – Speedbump (Forthcoming Current)
20. Mala – Cuba Electronica (Brownswood)
21. R1 Ryders – Aaliyah (Dub)

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