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The Week’s Best Mixtapes and Free Mixes, August 30 2013

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With each passing week, listening to the deluge of mixtapes, radio shows, and live sets from electronic producers and hip-hop artists alike becomes an even more insurmountable task. Quality offerings can fly under the radar, either added to our ever-growing “to listen” list or — more often than not – disregarded all together.

This week, a divergent group of DJs and producers (including Martyn [pictures], Beautiful Swimmers, Ron Morelli, Koen Holtkamp, and more) keeps the round-up afloat with sets that are wide-ranging, challenging, and always interesting. New York rappers both veteran (Fat Joe, Hell Rell) and nascent (The Underachievers) are included, but for the love of mixtapes, can someone give GBE and Young Scooter lessons in mastering?

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