FACT mix 468: EDMX

A scholar of dance music contributes a long-overdue FACT mix.

Best known for his work as DMX Krew – though he possesses a small army of other aliases, including Computor Rockers, House of Breaks and, erm, Bass Potato – Ed Upton has been a force for good in the dance music world since the mid-1990s. As well as releasing countless singles and albums, mostly on Rephlex Records and his own Breakin’ label, his discontinued podcast series was an invaluable source of information and inspiration, he was recently picked as one of FACT’s 100 Underrated DJs, and he’s even an excellent writer when he gets the time.

In short, the man’s an inspiration, and with a new album Shape Shifting Shaman and a fresh EP on Skrufix, a new Berlin label specialising in “off-centre dancefloor music” out this year, the time seemed right for Ed to finally step up on our mix series. Although his musical knowledge spans everything from early hip-hop to latterday grime, his FACT mix draws exclusively from his own productions, showcasing the music right at the heart of what he does: that classic axis of acid, electro and classic techno.


Cities In Flight – DMX Krew (CPU)
Crawl Space – DMX Krew (CPU)
Electro Worm (Luke Eargoggle Mix) – DMX Krew (Abstract Forms)
Astro Logical – DMX Krew (Uncanny Valley)
Binary Neutron Star – DMX Krew (CPU)
Data Storm – DMX Krew (Abstract Forms)
Frozen Stomp – EDMX (Power Vacuum)
Guest House – DMX Krew (Rush Hour No Label)
Keuswask – DMX Krew (Quantum & Mystic)
Honeydew – DMX Krew (Weme)
Forward March – DMX Krew (ShipWrec)
No Papa – EDMX (Skrufix)
Wicked Drummer – EDMX (Skrufix)
Trees Are Dancing 2 – DMX Krew (Rush Hour No Label)
Late Result – EDMX (Unreleased)
Sppoookey – DMX Krew (Weme)
Card Slot – EDMX (ShipWrec)