We’re one mix away from 500 – and it’s time to jack.

Chris Finke has been an important part of the UK techno scene since the early 2000s, releasing music from Mark Broom, DJ Urban, Victor Simonelli and more on his Flux Recordings label and co-running London’s Split raves with Ben Simons (as well as the Split Radio Show). As a producer, he’s steadily released singles and EPs of his own music, mostly on Flux but with diversions to labels like Mote-Evolver and Hidden Recordings. In short, he knows how to make people sweat.

In 2013, he dropped the Finke name to focus on a pair of aliases: Bodyjack and He/at. As He/at, he’s self-released ripping techno records while also holding down a residency at crucial UK techno night Atomic Jam, but it’s been his Bodyjack work that has been most rewarding. As well as setting up a small ring of Bodyjack-related labels, he’s released music on Hypercolour, Unknown to the Unknown, Leftroom and Ultramajic – all labels that share Bodyjack’s love of house and techno music that’s educated and authoritative but totally unpretentious.

That’s also the case with his FACT mix. It draws from the gods (Johnson, Deeon, Tyrell, Falcon and, at one point, Jeremy Sylvester and Mike Millrain’s G.O.D. alias – see what we did there) and the best of the current crop (Peverelist, Kowton, DJ Haus), and is very clearly the work of someone who’s bought dance records for years, but it’s never less than a shitload of fun, with martial snares, organ riffs and instructions to work it all over the place. Bodyjack’s latest release, the self-released Throwdown EP, is out now.

Cia D’or – For Mike
Bodyjack Secret Weapon #4
Paul Johnson – Soft Spot
DJ Deeon – Happy
Bodyjack – All Werk And No Play
Hotel Lauer – Shank (Overdose Mix)
DJ Haus – If U Want My Love
GOD – Tonite
Bodyjack – Untitled (Raw Idea)
DJ Falcon – Untitled
RSH – Laughing While Intoxicated
Montel – Burnin’
Oli Furness – Decision (Alden Tyrell Remix)
Wordlife feat. DJ Funk – UTFM (Alden Tyrell Remix)
KiNK – Diversion
Bodyjack – BodyTrax 1
+ Bodyjack – BodyTrax 4
Johnny Superglu – The Prince
Sinden – Pussy Medic
Pev & Kowton – Low Strobe
Dubspeeka – Floorshow (Bodyjack’s DEXT VIP)
******* ***** – (Bodyjack Remix / Instrumental)
+ Paul Johnson – Let Me See Your Butterfly
Bodyjack Secret Weapon #5
Mateo & Mattos – Unknown
Bodyjack – BodyTrax 5
Chambray – Untitled (Bodyjack Remix)
Dragon Fly – Visions Of Rage
Liaisons D – Future FJP
Jungle – Busy Earnin’ (Special Request VIP)
Bodyjack – The Throwdown

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