Following last year’s surprising Love and Danger, Kool Keith is back with a fresh collaboration with producer Mr. Sche.

Dubbed Magnetic Pimp Force Field, the album pits the Black Elvis against a tough Southern backdrop of 808s and crackling samples provided by Memphis producer Mr. Sche (aka Big Sche Eastwood). From the cuts we’ve heard it sounds like Keith is on rare form, eschewing the unpredictable randomness of much of his latter-day records and going for a smart blend of NY rap authority and dirty south attitude.

We reckon the world’s due another truly killer Kool Keith record, and while we need some proper quality time with this one, all signs are pointing to Magnetic Pimp Force Field being well worth a look.


01 Thunder Cats ( Jet Packs )
02 Ride & Mug
03 Ewokie Galaxy Swag
04 Jedi Supreme
05 Skreet Smart ft. Dolla Bill & Psycolistic
06 Natural High ft. Dj Junkaz Lou
07 Hard Drugs
08 I’m Insane
09 Death Star Pimp
10 Plottin’ ft. Jozzy
11 Watch The Throne
12 Padawan ft. Pimpminista
13 Lord Of Thongs
14 Woman ft. Metropolis
15 Dark Vador Light Sabor
16 Magnetic Pimp Force Field
17 Flipside Shaggy Mack



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