Nicholas Bullen, formerly of grindcore beserkers Napalm Death, is about to drop his long overdue debut album.

Bullen was a crucial player on the band’s feverish 1987 debut Scum, but left the group before they started making real commercial headway. He’s now firmly entrenched in Birmingham’s experimental music scene; post-Napalm Death projects include work with Mick Harris’ throbbing Scorn outfit and the post-rock alias Adventure.

Over 25 years since that first Napalm Death release, Bullen is primed to release his debut solo LP through Type*. Component Fixations will offer “tape manipulations, drones and noise” spread over three long-form tracks. The album promises a synthesis of Bullen’s influences, with a particular emphasis on the electronic pioneers of the 1960s. Intriguingly, all the sounds on the record were directly sourced from field recordings made around Bullen’s house and garden – take that, Herbert.

Component Fixations is due on May 13. ‘Element Configuration III i. Of Three Elements’ is available to stream below.

* = full disclosure: a label independently operated by FACT staff member John Twells

1. Element Configuration III i. Of Three Elements
2. Element Configuration III ii. Commixture
3. Signal Filament Extensions



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