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Ambient pioneer Laraaji to host laughter workshop at Cafe Oto

The laughter guru bring his meditative practice to London.

Though known to many as a pioneer of ambient music, these days Laraaji spends much of his time running instructive ‘laughter workshops’, helping people to lighten up, get in touch with their inner child and generally look on the bright side.

In a rare opportunity for fans in the UK, Laraaji has announced he will bring his unique practice to London this June for a special workshop at Cafe Oto’s Project Space.

According to the venue, the workshop aims to “open up the participants’ spontaneous, playful nature via call-and-response chanting, theraputic laughter-cise, extended conscious laughter, deep meditative relaxation and ancient gong tones.”

Ancient gong tones? We’re in! Head to Cafe Oto’s site to book tickets for the workshop on June 4.

Laraaji’s influential ’80s run of albums was recently reissued by Brian Eno’s All Saints label, so FACT invited the man himself to offer some perspective on his greatest releases.

Watch Laraaji take Daniel Blumberg of Hebronix through one of his laughter workshops during Deerhunter’s ATP Festival in 2013:

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