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My Favourite Record: Carl Cox


My Favourite Record is a new weekly feature where we ask musicians we rate from across the spectrum to pick their most cherished album – a development of our occasional On Record feature, and a chance to take a peek at the albums that maketh the artist. Today’s entry:

Stevie Wonder
Songs in the Key of Life
(Tamla, 1976)

Picked by: UK clubbing institution Carl Cox.

carl-cox-4e5029b440484 (1)“Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life. There’s so much passion and musicianship there, and it’s music that makes you think – about your own life, and the backdrop to what you’re about as a person. Every record touches your soul in some way, but for me, this is just one of the greatest records ever made.

“Stevie Wonder sings a lot about his own life, and his own childhood growing up – especially in one track, called ‘I Wish’, and in that track he talks about how he grew up. I felt an affinity with that. He was a child star at 13 years old – they called him Little Stevie Wonder at the time. He was amazing then, and he still is today.”



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