Birmingham’s premiere experimental music festival has revealed its final selection of acts.

Anyone who’s managed to hike out to Supersonic before knows how bloody good it is, and how much its organizers have done to make sure it’s a sidestep from the competition. While the majority of other festivals fight amongst themselves trying to snatch identikit lineups of bedraggled nostalgia-core reduxes and hype dance acts that’ll be forgotten in six months, Supersonic has solidified its legacy by simply picking excellent music.

This year is no different, and they’ve managed to make sure 2014 is a biggie, with Michael Gira‘s louder-than-you troupe Swans, Bjork-collaborators Matmos and Midwestern noise pioneers Wolf Eyes taking the headline spots. This is just scratching the surface too, there’s appearances from Sleaford Mods, Codeine’s Chris Brokaw, Basic House, Jenny Hval, and plenty from artists you might not know before hand, but you’ll probably end up falling for before the weekend’s out.

The last set of additions throws US noisy type Pharmakon (who just finished a US tour with Brummie industrial metal deities Godflesh), German synth fetishist Felix Kubin, Khünnt, Opium Lord and Backwards into the mix, so you should be booking your train ticket to Birmingham already. If you’re already in the city and have managed to avoid Supersonic thus far, you’re doing it wrong.

For more info and tickets, head here.




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