Mumdance & Logos - Proto - Artwork (1)

Mumdance and Logos will release a collection of 10 “future-facing club tracks” through Tectonic on February 16.

Titled Proto, the album focuses on “the very brief sparks of innovation when new scenes were just forming and genre rules and paradigm were still grey areas”, including Sheffield bleep, the ’93-’94 “proto era” where hardcore morphed into jungle, jungle’s later “tech-step” days, and grime’s more experimental quarters.

Mumdance is a serial collaborator, but his work with Logos has arguably been his most fruitful. Drawn together by a love of grime, jungle and hardcore, the pair have released singles on Keysound and Tectonic, and have been active figures in the Boxed circle of instrumental grime (Logos is a resident at Boxed; Mumdance has played it more than most). Last year, they launched their own label, Different Circles.

Stream both artists’ FACT mixes below.

01. Border Drone
02. Dance Energy (89 Mix)
03. Chaos Engine
04. Legion
05. Hall Of Mirrors
06. Bagleys
07. Proto
08. Room 2 Lazer
09. Move Your Body
10. Cold



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