Mumdance and Logos launch label Different Circles: stream samples of <i>Weightless Vol. 1</i> and read our interview inside

Two of grime’s best launch a new label, Different Circles.

Both Mumdance and Logos have soared over the last two years. Mumdance has been releasing music for some time, but appeared reborn on his Twists & Turns mixtape, and has followed it with this year’s anthemic ‘Take Time’ (feat. Novelist), as well as a collaborative mix CD with Pinch and a series of dramatic club 12″s with Logos. Logos released his debut album Cold Mission last year, one of two key full lengths, along with Slackk’s Palm Tree Fire, to come from the wave of grime that he promotes through the Boxed clubnight he co-runs.

The first release on Different Circles is an interesting one: it’s a various artists affair, with seven producers (Inkke, Dark0, Murlo, Mumdance, Logos, Rabit, Strict Face) exhibiting a sound that Logos and Mumdance refer to as Weightless.

With the release due on November 17, we caught up with Mumdance and Logos about their plans for the label, and what makes Weightless tick. Stream samples of Weightless Vol. 1 below.


Logos (3)Why start the label? What prompted it?

Logos: Both Jack [Mumdance] and I have a quite a wide set of musical influences so we wanted to start something that allowed us to explore those. But the main thing is there is such an exciting group of producers around us – not just making grime or club music – and we wanted to be able to start a label from within our own community who can present that music on wax.

What are your initial plans for it?

Logos: Initially our plans are limited to a run of vinyl-only 12″s, but we want to see how things go over the course of the next year and take it from there.

Mumdance: Yeah, we both liked the idea of a starting things off with a vinyl-only label, there is something about putting physical music out into the world which is very satisfying, also the limited runs and ‘when its gone its gone’ aspect of things make the releases that more special.

How far would you like to take it – albums, one day? 

Mumdance: We are going to start off just running 12″s till we understand the business a bit more, we both have a lot to learn! I wouldn’t like to be trusted putting out someone’s album – which is essentially their blood, sweat and tears – just for us two to then make a right pig’s ear of it. In time, when we feel we are ready, its something we would definitely be interested in doing.

Tell us about the first release, and the Weightless theme.

Logos: The first release is actually something I’ve had in mind in one form or another for about three or four years, which is a collection of beatless club tracks on vinyl. I don’t think anyone has tried to capture that sound in this kind of way yet. These tracks are akin to devil mixes, but I think the atmospheres the producers explore on the record goes much further than that, so we coined the term weightless to capture that sense of – I suppose – spatially untethered club trax.

Mumdance: Both James and I found we had more and more music in this vein, so much so that I have a special section for it when I play my Rinse FM show. Weightless just seemed like a very fitting title for it. I guess it’s just resetting the boundaries of what you could consider club music. All of the tracks, although very spacious and almost ambient in some parts, they are still produced and engineered with club sensibilities and work in the club if you play them at the right time. It’s these contradictions and the open ended-ness of where they could be played and listened to which really appealed to us.

What do you guys have coming up, both for the label and individually?

Logos: I have a split 12″ with Rabit for Glacial Sound coming up, featuring my track ‘Steel Pulse’. Label wise, the next release will be an EP from me, and then following that we have something quite special from Strict Face signed for the third release.

Mumdance: I’m working on another EP with Novelist at the moment which has been taking up a lot of my time, and my Springtime EP from earlier in the year is getting a vinyl pressing on Unknown To The Unknown, one side has the two tracks on and the other side has 20 locked grooves.



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