The Bay Area rapper teams with BEAR//FACE on his latest single.

‘Good People’ is the latest single from A-1’s forthcoming Thurlian album (due out on March 5), a smooth-as-hell groover that explores stereotypes and assumptions.

“It takes a bit more time and energy to get to know and understand folks who are hella different from you,” he says, “but you learn so much in the process that it actually makes you much better at navigating through life.”

The video for ‘Good People’ also navigates life: filmed with a high speed phantom camera, the pristine 1400fps footage focuses on the people of different San Francisco and Oakland neighborhoods.

“We wanted to show that ‘good people’ come in all forms,” he continues. “We wanted to create a piece that could be viewed more as an anthropological study, or a study of human beings, rather than just another rap video.”



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