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It might not feel like it, but we’re half way through 2015.

Those albums that we were so excited about back in January have, for the most part, come and gone, so it’s the ideal time to assess what’s up next.

There’s plenty on the cards, and we’re trying to concentrate on releases we feel have a shot at actually coming out – not simply rumored to drop at some point in the future (Missy Elliott, we see you).

The following 20 records are albums we’re genuinely excited to hear as the year progresses, and if you fancy more reading, make sure you check out our Second Quarter Report, the 25 best records of the last three months.


(Label TBA)

There’s not much known about this bizarre, exciting collaboration between Antony Hegarty, Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. Sure, we’ve got a band name, title and album cover (which leads us to believe that it’s got to be coming this year) but there’s still plenty to speculate on – how it’s going to sound, for instance.

Release date: TBC


Beach House
Depression Cherry
(Sub Pop/Bella Union)

Depression Cherry is Beach House’s fifth album, and it doesn’t sound as if the Baltimore dream pop duo have lost any of their mopey charm. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally don’t need to reinvent themselves with each successive record, they’ve already got something special, and we’re fine if they keep on trotting out the winning formula until they hit their OAP Dream.

Release date: August 28




Flying Saucer Attack
Instrumentals 2015

One of the most beloved cult guitar outfits of the 90s, Flying Saucer Attack were responsible for some of the best drone records of the era (check 94’s Further, if you haven’t already). Now David Pearce is back with a brand new album of lo-fi instrumentals described as “dronescapes and rueful introspection.” We can hardly wait.

Release date: July 17


Frank Ocean
(Def Jam)

Boys Don’t Cry, but few artists have done heartbreak as well as Ocean these last few years – and if newfound road buddy James Blake is involved, then the tears will surely fall.

Release date: July


GFOTY, Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle
(PC Music)

2015 is set to be PC Music’s biggest year yet, with albums reportedly due from GFOTY, Hannah Diamond and Danny L Harle. We don’t know much more than this, but if you’ve been following the collective already then you should know to expect the unexpected.

Release dates: TBC



The follow-up to Genesis was meant to arrive last Fall, but Grimes eventually scrapped the record to start over. The latest intel, from Grimes’ Twitter feed, is that it’s due in October and she wants fans to receive it before press – so there’s every chance you’ll know how it sounds before us.

Release date: October


The Original Faces

Grouper’s latest album, last year’s quiet, uncomfortable Ruins, was one of her best to date. This year, she’ll up the volume with an album by Helen, her noise-pop project with Jed Bindeman and Scott Simmons.

Release date: September 4


Helena Hauff
Discreet Desires

Helena Hauff’s ace A Tape wasn’t exactly her debut album proper (the title probably gives that away), but the real thing isn’t far off, and if the early tasters are anything to go by it’s gonna be one of the most talked-about electronic releases of the year.

Release date: September 4


Holy Other
(Tri Angle)

He’s never been the most vocal artist, but Holy Other has been quieter than usual this last couple of years. Still, we know that he’s been steadily working on the follow-up to Held (with André de Ridder and Jack Bevan) – let’s hope it’s one of these four.

Release date: TBC


James Blake
Radio Silence

Ol’ Blakey might have trolled a nation of Frank Ocean fans by cryptically suggesting that the R&B demigod would be performing alongside him earlier this year, but we haven’t given up hope yet. Expect a plethora of collaborations with skewed pop’s great and good backed by polite beats and tear-jerking vocals.

Release date: TBC


Janet Jackson
(Rhythm Nation)

It’s well-known that Janet did it best, and if her hugely-anticipated new album lives up to expectations then she’ll have been doing that across four decades. 

Release date: Fall TBC


Y.R.N.: Tha Album

Another rap full-length that’s been perpetually delayed, Y.R.N.: Tha Album has the opportunity to dominate the hip-hop landscape. Who hasn’t heard of Migos in 2015? Exactly, and with assistance from Travi$ Scott and Metro Boomin, they’re surely on the right track.

Release date: July 31


Natasha Kmeto
(Dropping Gems)

After we heard Kmeto’s daring cover of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘The Only Time’ back in February, we knew that Inevitable was going to be worth looking out for. While Inevitable was originally set to be released on Dave Sitek’s Federal Prism imprint, she’s now gone back to the Portland-based Dropping Gems label who released her earlier material.

Release date: TBC


(Tri Angle)

After well-received singles on Glacial Sound on Tri Angle, Texan producer will release his debut album this year, and at least one of the early reviews seems promising:

Release date: TBC


(Def Jam)

Love or hate ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ it’s hard not to see it as a talking point, and that was just a single. Rihanna’s eighth studio album may or may not be called R8, and that’s about all we know. Expect a surprise release; if anyone can make good on the promise of Beyoncé, it’s Rihanna.

Release date: TBC


Seven Davis Jr.
(Ninja Tune)

Few artists have brought the funk to house music the way Seven Davis has lately, and it makes perfect sense that Ninja Tune plucked him from the underground circuit for his debut album. Billed as “his most heartfelt and honest statement to date”, Universes should be a treat.

Release date: July 24


Travi$ Scott

Still best known for helping Kanye West forge the distorted, angry Yeezus, Travi$ Scott is almost as interesting in his own right. While he struggled to assert his personality on early releases, last year’s Days Before Rodeo mixtape showed promise and scope from the young rapper/producer, something we’re hoping to develop on Rodeo.

Release date: July


Ty Dolla $ign
Free TC

Rumored since last October, Free TC is the debut from multi-instrumentalist crooner Ty Dolla $ign and is set to be a veritable who’s who, with appearances confirmed from Kendrick Lamar (on a track called ‘L.A.’, no less), YG, Future, R Kelly, Wiz Khalifa and more. Last year’s Beach House EP was a solid taste of what Ty is capable of with a major label budget, and February’s ‘Drop That Kitty’ was a saccharine triumph, so we’re cautiously hopeful.

Release date: September 4



The half-grime, half-chamber music vibes of the I’m Fine EPs (as well as some smart selections on his Codes label from Bloom, SD Laika and Dark0) took Visionist’s status to the next level, and the next step is a debut album on PAN – now officially affiliated to Codes.

Release date: TBC


Young Thug
(300 Entertainment)

Barter 6 might still be fresh in everyone’s memories, but Thugger’s not done yet – Hy!£UN35 is due any minute, and if you’re worried a cat just wandered across the keyboard or a young relative has discovered Wingdings, it’s pronounce “Hitunes”. Here’s hoping this will be the record to combine the rugged, skeletal thump of Barter 6 with the playful, rubbery sleaze of ‘Stoner’.

Release date: August 28

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