Listen to the creeping "c45p" from Helena Hauff's Handmade Beats entry

The Hamburg DJ announces A Tape with a single as haunting as it is catchy.

Helena Hauff is known for blurring oppressively dark music with a sense of lighthearted discovery (last week’s Secret Thirteen mix was an easy choice for Best Free Mixes). Still, it’s hard to prepare for the energy of the single from A Tape, her new cassette for Handmade Birds‘ Handmade Beats series.

The 12-track tape contains around 60 minutes of new material, among them ‘C45p’, which comes blitzing in on jackhammering drums and ominous bass before breaking into what sounds like a tribute to Chuck Cirino’s short-circuiting score to Chopping Mall. Listen to it below and look for A Tape on 24 February.



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