Scandinavian label Signal Life step into autumn with a new EP by Fang Lilies. 

Known individually as Twwth and Desto (the pair co-run the label), Fang Lillies’ Chameleon Crystals Vol. 1 draws from grime, Dirty South rap, drum machine mecha-rhythms and more with a futuristic edge (a chameleon crystal, in case you’re wondering, is a “biomimetic innovation in which the surface of an object can be made to adapt to its surroundings by switching the arrangement of multifaceted crystals”).

We’re premiering the video for lead track ‘Echelon’, which comes directed by Taito Kawata of Cocoa. In the label’s words, “Adapt to surroundings. Escape one clear definition. Work in multiple contexts. Fluctuate like the perfect blend. Serve several purposes.”

Chameleon Crystals Vol 1 is out now.



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