On FACT TV’s latest Head to Head, two generations of UK dance innovators pick each other’s brains. 

Loefah has helped to change the sounds of UK underground clubbing twice, first with DMZ, the dubstep record label and club night that he runs with Mala, Coki and Sgt. Pokes, and then with Swamp81, a label that drew from 808-driven electro and hip-hop in a dark UK club context.

Fabio meanwhile has been a presence on UK radio since the mid-80s, eventually becoming recognised as one of the most important drum & bass DJs. Before jungle happened, however, Fabio and his long-time partner Grooverider were residents at Rage, a central London night where they championed early acid house and the sounds of Chicago and Detroit. It’s this era that we focus on – the interview takes place at Heaven, before Fabio and Grooverider played a “classic Rage set” at Swamp81’s Carnival takeover of the club – but there’s also room for UK garage, calling up the numbers on jungle 12″s and their worst sets of all time.

Note: use the bar at the bottom of the video to flick between subjects.



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