Musically, they’re very different, but there are several similarities in the musical careers of Blackdown and Pinch.

Both were involved in dubstep from an early stage, in Blackdown’s case as a journalist before a producer (though Pinch has been doing his own casual interviews, of late), and both formed their respective record labels, Keysound and Tectonic, in 2005. Both have made the step up from singles to artist albums, both in terms of their labels (Keysound have released albums by Damu, LHF and more; Tectonic, Distal and 2562) and their own music. This Summer, Dusk & Blackdown released their second album Dasaflex, while the coming month will see a new album-length project by Pinch, Missing In Action (2006-2010).

With those similarities in mind, FACT TV caught up with Pinch and Blackdown in Fabric’s Room 3 – Pinch would later play the London club’s 13th birthday party – to talk about their careers to date. The interview went on for a good 45 minutes and frankly, could have gone on for 45 minutes more (Fabric eventually kicked us out), but here’s part two of what we got.

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