The clue’s in the album title: Rockwell’s not taking himself too seriously on Obsolete Medium.

It seems like he’s been around for longer, but it was only five years ago that he started infiltrating soundsystems with his unique spin on drum’n’bass, micro-editing drum patterns to within an inch of their life but never sapping the adrenaline that the music needs to work.

He describes Obsolete Medium, his debut album due on November 27 through Shogun Audio as “a very naturally constructed collection of music reflecting my wide range of influences – punk drum fills, techno basses, dusty white noise and neon synths – whilst not heavily mirroring anything too obviously specific, and eschewing many of the cliches of modern dance music production. All the while, not taking the process too seriously and not being afraid to poke fun at myself and the traps of being an electronic music producer”. How else do you describe track titles like ‘Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)’ and ‘Lines of Ground Glass’?

Speaking of lines, FACT TV are premiering the video for ‘Dizzle’ – part of a series of related videos to be released from Obsolete Medium. It’s not what you expect, put it that way. Preorder Obsolete Medium here.

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