Nina Las Vegas shares the track via her NLV imprint.

Strict Face has put out some of our favorite high-emotion, semi-grime instrumentals, and his latest, ‘Rouge Park’, is no different.

“The main melody had been sitting on my hard drive for ages,” he writes. “I always write ideas down and file them away until I get an “Eureka!” moment with them – but it wasn’t until late last year that it really came together as a track.

“I can’t really remember what spurred me to write ‘Rouge Park’ in the first place, but I do know it involved cherry blossoms and that feeling you get when you step out and spring finally comes along after winter.”

The song is available to download [below] as part of a five-track sampler presented by NLV Records, the imprint founded by Nina Las Vegas. “There couldn’t be a better five songs to showcase what NLV Records is going to sound like,” she writes. “The sampler has proved to be an amazing way to introduce the music world to my label.”



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