W11 locals are considering major changes to Europe’s biggest carnival.

Londoners heading to next year’s Notting Hill Carnival could be forced to buy a ticket for the first time ever, according to proposals being considered by local residents.

The Bank Holiday Monday finale could also be scrapped in favour of holding the festival over Saturday and Sunday, with more stewards brought in to help tackle rising crime at the event, reports the Evening Standard.

Victoria Borwick, Conservative MP for Kensington, will send out surveys to thousands of households in next year seeking their views, with the results set to inform discussions with Carnival organisers in the run-up to 2016’s event.

The survey asks whether Carnival should follow the lead of London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations and bring in ticketing for Carnival’s one million attendees.

The overall crime level rose 10 per cent in 2015 compared with the previous year. Police made 407 arrests, the most in a decade, with 57 people held for possessing a weapon.

Lady Borwick said: “We know that the police are talking to the council but we also need to get the Carnival community on board. They don’t really want to see any changes but we’ve got to be realistic, this is not the Carnival we had ten or even five years ago.

She added: “We want it to be a fun family occasion, celebrating the music and the culture, not somewhere people tell terrible stories about crime.”

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