Against the Clock is a series where we give an artist 10 minutes in the studio and see what they come up with. You can watch all the past episodes here.

For this week’s episode we met up with London-based Turkish producer, Sami Baha. Having only been in London for a short period of time, Sami Baha has been slowly grasping people’s attention. Whether it’s through his monthly NTS show, his excellent SoundCloud uploads or his guest appearances on Rinse FM, Sami’s killing it. He also recently signed to Planet Mu and announced an EP, Mavericks.

He says of his sound; “I grew up when the Arabic style of Turkish music known as Arabesk was at the centre stage of Turkish culture, so I was listening to popular Turkish performers Ibrahim Tatlises and Muslum Gurses alongside trap originators DJ Screw and the Atlanta scene. I know people don’t hear the orient instruments and rhythms in my music, but I like to think of my music as arabesk-trap, as I feel like the Arabesk and trap crossover is where they come from and in their feel.”

Above you can watch him make a banging trap beat in Fruity Loops.



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