49 Second Romance’ gets a metal dance makeover.

Included on the recent So Low Remixes EP, Powell’s crushing rework of P/1e’s ’49 Second Romance’ has been reimagined with jutting rave-inspired visuals and acid-induced figures that seem to materialize and dissolve behind the track’s devastating synth riff.

Joining Helena Hauff’s remix of The Klinik’s ‘Moving Hands’ on the EP, the video of which was premiered earlier this week, Powell dissects the sparse instrumentation and clean-cut vocals of the original and reassembles it as a nightmarish, paranoid slab of industrial techno.

Taken from JD Twitch’s So Low compilation of dance-floor orientated industrial and EBM from the ’80s, you can hear Powell, Hauff and Twitch discuss the music in our mini-documentary here.

Powell will play at this year’s MUTEK Montréal, which runs from June 1-5.



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