Well this is a bit special.

As co-founder of influential pirate-turned-legit radio station Rinse FM, Slimzee influenced a generation (and then some) supporting various strands of bass-heavy London-centric music, including of course grime – a sound that he would have a massive hand in developing through the early ‘00s.

Slimzee has shared a rare piece of Rinse history, uploading an ear-battering back-to-back session with Rinse co-founder Geeneus and a handful of young MCs. Here’s where it gets really interesting – alongside Demon Rocker, Blade and Paco + Demo is a young Wiley, who would have been 17 at the time. Wonder if he’ll be referencing this in his forthcoming autobiography?

Wiley is of course well known for forging the grime sound both as a producer and MC, and hearing him rhyming over mid-90s jungle riddims is a treat. You can stream and download the set in full below.

Update: Geeneus has reached out and informed us that not only is the set only him playing, but Wiley doesn’t step up to the mic. It’s still worth listening to though.

Don’t forget to check out our recent FACT TV interview with Slimzee, where he digs through his collection of classic dubplates.



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