Bristol techno don JoeFarr make a club-ready banger in under 10 minutes.

Across releases for Power Vacuum, Turbo, Leisure System and Bloc, JoeFarr has proven himself to be one of the UK’s most exciting producers of hard-as-nails techno with an IDM twist.

We figured his rough-and-ready style would make him the ideal candidate for an Against The Clock session, but we were surprised at just how meticulous his studio methods are. Using acid squelches, old drum machine samples, rusty hi-hats and field recordings he creates one of the biggest tracks of the series so far.

“Back at my studio I worked with the Against The Clock recording and there was one element that was too loud in the mix, and it grated on me,” Farr says of the finished track. “So I did another live take at home, layered two more elements over then automated the volume where the compressor was making the mix jump out in the breaks.” Listen to the track below.



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