Sources say he is getting the original band back together.

Billy Corgan recently told fans over a vlog post to expect something “big” from The Smashing Pumpkins soon. Corgan didn’t go into specifics, but sources tell Consequence Of Sound that he is referring to an original lineup reunion of his iconic band.

Although Corgan has toured under the Smashing Pumpkins name, he has not playing alongside the original lineup of Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha, and D’arcy Wretzky since 1999. Wretzky was “fired for being a mean spirited drug addict who refused to get help,” according to a previous quote from Corgan, while Iha left in 2000. Chamberlin played with the band in on-and-off periods in the 2000s, but as of 2015 he is once again a permanent member.

Corgan seemed to have little interest in a reunion previously, but this year he softened. In an interview in January, he said he hoped to “make peace” with Iha and Wretzky. Last month, Iha joined Smashing Pumpkins on stage for the first time in 16 years. Wretzky has said she would “consider” rejoining.

Watch the video of Corgan and Iha performing in LA this March below.



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