The Italian producer talks about rave voyeurism and more.

Lorenzo Senni recently made his Warp Records debut with the stunning Persona EP and he’s offered a deeper look inside his work with a lecture at Red Bull Music Academy’s recent Montréal session. We’re excited to share the rave voyeur’s full two-hour conversation with Vivian Host.

Throughout the discussion Senni brings insight to his pointillistic take on trance by reflecting on an upbringing playing music in the hardcore scene while also going to club nights with friends. It’s that balance of a hardcore straight-edge mentality with the wonder of observing the club that has come to define Senni’s music.

The producer also reflects on experiences such as his first times in a club, doing summer work in a factory and launching his own label Presto!? which delivered Theo Burt’s Gloss, one of our favorite albums of 2015.

Watch the lecture above and learn more about Persona through our own interview with Senni.



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