One of Against The Clock‘s most requested artists steps up for the 100th episode. 

Best known by his stage name Daedelus, Alfred Darlington is an L.A. beat scene veteran who’s spent the past 16 years exploring the boundaries of rave, hip-hop, found sound and strange samples on labels like Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune, carving out a unique space in electronic music.

Darlington’s home studio is an extension of his flamboyant style, a treasure trove of circuit-bent one-offs (he’s even released his own custom delay unit) and modern classics such as the Monome controller, all housed in a room decked out with floral wallpaper.

FACT TV headed to LA to watch him do what he does best, as he created a track in 10 minutes that combines modern technology with vintage Rhodes piano. Listen to the finished track below and check out his latest album, Labyrinths.

As well Daedelus’ ATC, to celebrate 100 episodes we’ve also run down our 10 favorite ATCs so far and pieced together a killer mix from the best ATC tracks.

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