It’s one tiny speck of goodness in a failing universe.

Earlier this week we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Homework with the greatest Daft Punk-related mix of all time, an era-spanning journey through some of the robots’ biggest influences, from Luke Slater and Lil Louis to Tangerine Dream and Tron.

After piecing together that mix – the third volume of his ‘Teachers’ series in tribute to Daft Punk’s early inspirations – DJ and dancefloor historian CK realised that he still had hours and hours of quality material at his fingertips. So, he tracked down everything he could find on Spotify and built what must be the greatest Daft-Punk related Spotify playlist in existence – this 1018-track monster.

From disco heroes like Cerrone and Giorgio Moroder to ghetto house legends DJ Deeon and DJ Slugo, the mix covers several decades, spanning horror composers Goblin, rap icons Eric B & Rakim, the molten baritone of Isaac Hayes and the ambient house of The Orb, plus much more.

Play it below. You can save it to your Spotify desktop app by pasting the link into the Spotify search bar.

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