Blocs Export allows you to create soundpacks for the Launchpad app.

Launchpad for iOS and Blocs Wave have been given a major update that allow the two apps to work together seamlessly as part of a mobile music-making ecosystem.

The two apps, developed by UK hardware company Novation’s Blocs app team, have become two of the iPhone and iPad’s most popular music apps for their accessible design, and the new features make them easier to use together.

The new Blocs Export feature lets you create music using the Blocs Wave app and export it to Launchpad for iOS, allowing you to make your own custom soundpacks for remixing on the fly. As well as offering Launchpad users the chance to be more creative, it will save money on new soundpacks, most of which cost $1.99/£1.99 each.

Exporting music from Blocs Wave is as easy as pressing a button, which loads the music from each of the pads straight into Launchpad. If you want to change anything, it’s easy to go back to Blocs Wave, rearrange and re-export.

Launchpad for iOS is the app version of Novation’s popular grid-based MIDI controller and works in a similar way, allowing mobile musicians to quickly trigger clips and samples. Blocs Wave was launched last year as a slightly different take on sample-based music-making, using a “real-time stretch loop concept” aimed at quickly generating musical ideas. Since it landed, Blocs Wave has expanded with several features, including support for Ableton Link and sample slicing.

Blocs Export is available for Launchpad for iOS and Blocs Wave owners as part of a free update. Launchpad for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store, while Blocs Wave can be purchased for $2.99/£2.99.

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