The app allows you to “build music instantly.”

UK-based music tech specialist Novation has launched a new sub-brand called Blocs, which debuts with a new music creation app for iOS called Blocs Wave.

Developed by a team that grew out of the Focusrite and Novation brands, Blocs Wave is built around a “real-time stretch loop concept” that allows you to quickly generate new musical ideas.

The app lets you combine eight sounds simultaneously, tweak waveforms to sculpt sounds and change tempo and key in real-time. It’s also possible to upload and record your own sounds as well as export for use in other software.

As demonstrated by Blocs team member and artist Toby Gale is the accompanying video, Blocs Wave appears to be a useful partner for Novation’s Circuit hardware – though it’s considerably less expensive at £3.99/$4.99.

You can pick up Blocs Wave from the App Store now and find out about the Blocs team in the video below.

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