Expect lots more vintage synth clones from Behringer.

Not content with creating an affordable clone of Moog’s Minimoog Model D, budget gear company Behringer is looking to manufacture its own version of more classic synths.

According to a post on the Gearslutz forum from company founder Uli Behringer, the next vintage instruments being eyed up are the ARP 2600 synth from 1971 and the OSC OSCar from 1983.

“We are currently trying to acquire an original unit for benchmark purposes,” he wrote. “We hope we will be able to show you a first design draft within the next few weeks, while we’re studying the circuit diagrams to provide you with an estimated retail price.”

Manufactured until 1981, the ARP 2600 was a semi-modular synth that could be patched with cables and came in a suitcase-style enclosure. Oxford Synthesizer Company’s OSCar was an analog-digital hybrid limited to 2000 units.

Behringer wants to make a budget clone of the ARP 2600 synth
ARP 2600

While the ARP 2600 has fallen out of copyright like the Minimoog, making it fair game to be cloned, there have been rumors of an official ARP 2600 remake from Korg, who currently own the rights to the ARP name and remade the ARP Odyssey in 2015.

Behringer’s Minimoog, ARP 2600 and OSCar clones are just the tip of the iceberg. The compant recently revealed it’s planning an entire range of affordable analog synths, starting at just $49.

According to another post from Behringer on March 11, the company has four teams working on 20 synths and drum machines in total, concentrating on “innovative new synths as well as reviving classics.”

While Behringer is trying to capitalize on the thirst for vintage gear, its most recent synth, the $999 DeepMind 12, is an original 12-voice polysynth with modern technology such as Wi-Fi  connectivity and augmented reality features.


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