The budget gear manufacturer offers more information on its analog synth.

Behringer has revealed substantial details of its first synthesizer, teased over the past month via several YouTube videos.

According to Behringer’s latest video, the analog DeepMind 12 is a 12-voice polyphonic synthesizer. Company founder Uli Behringer has elaborated on the instrument in a statement posted on Facebook, saying that it’s the first synth to feature built-in Wi-Fi, allowing wireless control via tablet.

“With approx. 4,000 components, the DeepMind12 is one of the most complex synthesizers that has ever been built,” Behringer claims. “Due to its discrete design structure, it has vastly more components than you will likely find in any of the current synthesizers on the market.”

Behringer says that the DeepMind 12 will also come with four effects engines, each of which comes loaded with 30 “world-class” effects algorithms.

According to a post from Behringer on Gearslutz, DeepMind 12 will also be available in keyboard and rack-mount versions. No release date or price has yet been announced for either, but Behringer says the rack-mount version is subject to change pending customer feedback.

Behringer initially teased its first synth back in 2014, when it was reported to be a $500 reproduction of the ARP Odyssey from 1972. On paper at least, DeepMind 12’s capabilities far outweigh that of the classic synth, reissued by Korg in 2015.



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