Is this the promised ARP Odyssey clone from 2014?

Budget gear manufacturer Behringer has offered the first glimpse of its new analog synth in a YouTube video.

There’s not much to go on apart from some sounds from the unit and a few extreme close-ups, but it appears to be taking a leaf out of Arturia’s book, the company responsible for the affordable Minibrute and Microbrute analog synths.

The German company first announced its plans to make a budget analog synth back in 2014, when it teased a clone of the classic ARP Odyssey synth from the ‘80s it claimed would be priced at around $500. Behringer makes gear that’s more affordable than almost all of its competitors, but sometimes faces criticism for the build quality from users of some of its products.

It’s not yet clear if this is the planned synth or something different, but in the time that’s passed since Behringer’s initial announcement, Korg has released its own version of the ARP Odyssey, as well as an affordable polyphonic synth called the Minilogue.

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