Karen Gwyer goes live from her London studio. 

Karen Gwyer’s sound is always in flux. Whether she’s making sonic leaps between records or creating mini symphonies within a 10-minute track, Gwyer makes music that evolves like a living organism.

As well as killer records for No Pain In Pop, Opal Tapes and Alien Jams over the past few years, Gwyer was responsible for one of 2016’s best techno records: Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase, a three-track EP that showed her prowess at crafting colorful, acid-tinged hardware jams.

Keen to see her in action, FACT TV visited the Michigan-born artist at her studio in London for a hardware-heavy episode of Against The Clock, where she used Moog and Elektron gear to make an analog groove in under 10 minutes.



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