The world’s smallest MIDI controller.

That touch strip at the top of Apple’s new MacBook Pro could be useful for musicians after all: there’s now a free MIDI controller plug-in for it.

The MIDI Touchbar allows you to control parameters on DAWs including Ableton Live, Logic and Cubase from the Touch Bar, as well as devices like Max and Pure Data. It’s fully customizable via the “Customize Touch Bar” setting in the menu.

As CDM notes, the preset controller assignments make it a little limited for some uses. However if you just want to try out a new synth plug-in and you’re out of the studio, it beats using your laptop’s keyboard. Download it here.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro has proved controversial since launch because of its high price, lack of traditional USB connections and battery life, which some users have claimed falls short of the 10 hours usage it’s supposed to offer.

However, the Touch Bar is looking like it could be more than just a gimmick. As well as the MIDI Touchbar, another developer has managed to create a polyphonic piano app for the laptop’s new feature.

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