The new synth is a cut-down version of the DeepMind 12.

Behringer has revealed a new $699 analog synth, the DeepMind 6.

The DeepMind 6 was revealed ahead of this year’s Superbooth exhibition in Berlin, and is a six-voice version of the company’s DeepMind 12 synth, released earlier this year.

According to a video interview at Sonicstate, Behringer’s new synth ditches a few of the features from the DeepMind 12 (such as Wi-Fi) to fit the engine into a three-octave model, but uses much of the same technology.

Behringer also showed off its promised desktop version of the DeepMind 12, which has all the features of the keyboard version at a reduced price of $899. Both models are in production now and are expected to land soon.

However, there’s no sign yet of the company’s Minimoog Model D clone, which company founder Uli Behringer said he expected to be ready to show off by the middle of April.

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