Reason owners, your prayers have been answered.

Propellerhead is adding VST plug-in support to Reason, 17 years after the first version of the popular DAW was released.

As CDM reports, Propellerhead has resisted the VST format because of compatibility reasons, but will introduce support in version 9.5 of Reason.

Though it’s taken a long time for Propellerhead to add VST support, the company has at least given lapsed users an incentive to return: the ability to use the software’s internal control voltage (CV) features with VSTs.

For example, you can now add a software synth such as Serum to your Reason rack, and modulate the sound panning with the DAW’s native LFO effect. It puts it into a similar category as the recent Bitwig Studio 2, which has an extensive modulation engine that can be used with third-party VSTs.

Reason 9.5 isn’t released until May 29, but Reason 9 owners can join the beta test now. The update will be a free download to Reason 9 owners when it lands.

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