From the supermarket to the club. 

At the meeting point of dancehall and experimental electronics you’ll find Israeli music collective Trilion. Describing themselves as a “musical Caesar salad”, its members are constantly in flux but built around a core group of producers and MCs including General G, Easy Rider and Ranking Levy.

On Trilion’s latest track, General G is joined by guest vocalist (and The Bug collaborator) Miss Red. The video, directed by Yaara Agnon, offers a taste of life in the Israeli city of Haifa, starting off in a local supermarket before making its way to the club.

“We sat down and looked for some place around us, from the daily life, and this specific supermarket came up,” Agnon says. “It is probably the cheapest one in Haifa. It’s got many types of people, and is located in a very bizarre building. It’s also where we buy our stuff. The next day we went there with my camera, and that’s what you see.”

Trilion’s new album Ain’t No Future with No Past is released by Glasgow’s Scotch Bonnet Records on June 1.

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