An ‘80s classic is reborn.

Roland has added a software version of the vintage D-50 synth to its digital subscription service, Roland Cloud.

Released in 1987, the digital D-50 synth was a staple of ‘80s and ‘90s pop, R&B and new jack swing, and was an answer of sorts to Yamaha’s popular DX7 instrument.

The synth’s sound engine used a combination of sampling and synthesis, giving it a unique character that’s still sought after today. It also featured built-in digital effects and a joystick for controlling parameters.

Roland claims the new software version is capable of recreating the D-50’s sound “perfectly”, with all the parameters and presets found on the original model.

The synth is only available as part of RolandCloud, Roland’s Netflix-style subscription service that offers access to lots of different instruments for a flat monthly fee of $19.95. Other software instruments available through the service include recreations of the Jupiter-8, SH-101 and System-100.

Earlier this week, Roland announced a brand new hardware synth designed with boutique company Studio Electronics. The SE-02 is a full analog synth with three oscillators for $499, and is the latest in the company’s line of Boutique synths.

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