Propellerhead calls it the DAW’s biggest update ever.

Propellerhead has announced the next version of its popular Reason software studio, adding two new synthesizers alongside other instruments and effects.

Reason 10 arrives next month with Europa, a new “shapeshifting” wavetable synthesizer that allows you to draw your own waveforms, and Grain, a granular synth for making sounds out of samples. It also includes three new sampled instruments: Klang (tuned percussion), Pangea (“world” instruments) and Humana (vocals).

Another plug-in making its debut in Reason 10 is Radical Piano, which uses a combination of sampling and physical modelling algorithms to create unique hybrid instruments. There’s also a new modulation effect called Synchronous, which lets you draw your own LFO curves to control filter, delay, reverb and more.

Finally, there’s Loop Supply and Drum Supply, a collection of fresh loops and drum samples for use with Reason’s Kong drum machine and Dr Octo Rex loop player. Reason owners will be able to upgrade to version 10 for $129/€129, while the full price is $399/€349.

Reason 10 comes just over a year after the release of Reason 9, and six months after Propellerhead announced it was adding VST compatibility to the software. It’s released on October 25, but if you can’t wait, you can sign up to test the beta at the Propellerhead website. Find out more about the software’s new features in the video below.

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