The new version adds several new devices to aid musical inspiration.

Swedish software company Propellerhead has announced Reason 9, the latest version of its popular music production tool.

The main update to Reason 9 is the expansion of its “Player” devices with three new instruments: Note Echo, Scales & Chords and Dual Arpeggio.

Note Echo creates “rhythmic, pitched MIDI delays” for melodies and drums, Scales & Chords instantly turns simple melodies into chords and harmonies, and Dual Arpeggio adds an extra layer to the basic rhythmic effect.

Reason 9 also adds a feature called Pitch Edit, which can be used to produce vocals and fix out-of-tune notes, add vibrato and more. It also adds a similar Audio to MIDI function as Ableton’s Live 9, which converts vocals to MIDI notes.

According to Propellerhead, the software has also been given a overhaul with improvements to workflow and a new sound bank.

Reason was launched in 2000, and while not as widely used as Live or Logic, has gained a strong following thanks to its strong selection of included soft synths and effects.

In recent years Reason has expanded hugely. The software didn’t originally have a recording function, but this was added in 2011, while Reason 7 gave hardware synth users a CV (control voltage) input to play with.

Reason 9 is released on June 21 for €405/$449, with upgrades costing €129/$129. Users who bought Reason 8 on or after May 1, 2016 will qualify for a free upgrade.

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