Tim Exile unveils another one-of-a-kind instrument.

Multi-talented musician and developer Tim Exile has launched his latest software instrument, an effects plug-in that uses “infinite resonators” to turn beats and samples into melodic sounds.

SLOR (which stands for “shed full of resonators”) is the second software instrument from Exile this year after his SLOO synth (“shed load of oscillators”). Like SLOO, the new SLOR plug-in allows you to make futuristic sounds with a simple interface. Instead of a synth engine though, SLOR lets you use any sound source together with the resonator engine to create wild soundscapes or turn a single beat into chords, basslines or percussion.

“SLOR’s swarm of ground-breaking infinite resonators take sonic manipulation into new territory, blurring the lines between FX processing and synthesis,” Exile says on his website.

“Infinite resonators use a special algorithm to control the feedback path to allow transformations which are both extreme and tightly controlled. This is what gives SLOR the power to add subtle atmospheres, bend beats into chords and melodies or set up autonomous compositions and morph continuously between all of these.”

SLOR costs £49 ($65) from Exile’s website, and is compatible with Native Instruments’ free Reaktor Player.

Earlier this year, FACT visited Exile at home to watch his SLOO synth in action – watch that below.

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