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7 artists you can’t miss at MUTEK Mexico 2017

MUTEK.MX gears up for another year with a slew of unmissable artists in tow. FACT picks the seven artists you can’t miss at this year’s event.

While the main event happens in the Quebec city of Montreal, MUTEK has events all around the world. Whether you’re based in Tokyo, Dubai, Buenos Aires or Barcelona there’s a chance for you to see what MUTEK has to offer, with its showcases of cutting-edge electronic music and digital art.

Each year, the festival also takes place in Mexico City. And while the capital was hit this year by a devastating earthquake, the festival is still taking place – it’s just been moved from October to November. The lineup still look crucial – with FACT faves Equiknoxx, Nina Kraviz and Emptyset alongside veterans like The Orb and Squarepusher and club disrupters like Upgrayedd Smurphy and Second Woman.

MUTEK.MX takes place this year November 22-26 and tickets can be bought from the website.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Sunday Nov 26

With their debut album proper Colón Man out now and the buzz reaching fever pitch, Equiknoxx are a truly unmissable prospect wherever you manage to catch them. The Jamaican duo of Gavsborg and Time Cow will be joined by vocalist Shanique Marie for this timely appearance.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Nina Kraviz
Nocturne 1
Friday Nov 24

Superstar DJ, producer and label boss Nina Kraviz should need no introduction on these pages. She’s been a fixture on FACT for years and is one of our absolute faves, playing a destructive mix of bare-bones techno and electro, wonky electronics and who knows what else to a world of adoring fans. If you want a huge set that never forgoes experimentation, Nina Kraviz always provides.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Lorenzo Senni
A/Visions 2
Wednesday Nov 22

Lorenzo Senni’s unique “pointillistic trance” has reframed a maligned genre, adding an experimental bent that’s garnered him acclaim and a Warp Records deal. His live shows are always worth witnessing (those CO2 cannons!) and now he’s promoting The Shape of Trance to Come we can expect even further exploration of trance’s hypermelodic excess.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Upgrayedd Smurphy
Nocturne 2
Saturday Nov 25

Mexico City’s Jessica Smurphy has impressed this year with a pair of eccentric, bass-heavy releases: April’s disarmingly funky HYPNOSYS and September’s pain-focused Sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. Her use of club structures is smart and unpredictable – if you want twisted, challenging dance music, look no further.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Steve Hauschildt
A/Visions 2
Wednesday November 22

Ex-Emeralds synthesizer don Steve Hauschild impressed us last year with the impeccable Strands and live shows that followed were equally entrancing. If you were disappointed by this year’s Blade Runner: 2049 soundtrack, this is the performance for you.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Kelly Lee Owens
Nocturne 1
Friday Nov 24

Welsh artist Kelly Lee Owens recently released an electrifying cover of Aaliyah’s enduring classic ‘More Than A Woman’ and she’s sure to bring a similar attitude to Mexico City next week.

MUTEK Mexico 2017

Tim Hecker
Thursday Nov 23

When Tim Hecker performs live, it’s often in complete darkness in a room filled with dry ice. Only Hecker’s crushing sheet drone pushes through the suffocating environment, and that’s okay.

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