The producer’s new single is out now on Warp.

Lorenzo Senni has yet to release a follow-up to last year’s awe-inspiring Warp debut Persona, but he’s made the wait a little easier today with a new hour-long mix for Radar Radio titled The Shape Of Lorenzo To Come.

Playing off the title of his new single, ‘The Shape Of Trance To Come’, the producer describes the mix as “a rave-voyeuristic journey into the pointillistic-side of all my different influences and musicality.”

Filtering classic trance, punk, techno, horror movie soundtracks and his own music with a sprightly and overwhelming energy, it’s both an excellent introduction to one of the best producers working right now and a welcome treat for those well under Senni’s spell.

Listen to ‘The Shape Of Trance To Come’ below and order it now via Warp.

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