Photography by: Piotr Niepsuj

One of the year’s best electronic records is now available to stream.

Trance-obsessed Italian artist Lorenzi Senni has just released Persona, his debut EP for Warp Records.

The six-track set is a major step for Senni, who has previously deconstructed dance music’s most maligned genre on 2012’s Quantum Jelly album for Editions Mego and 2014’s Superimpositions EP on Boomkat Editions.

In a recent interview with FACT’s John Twells, Senni describes the record as “more personal” than his previous records, adding: “it’s more melodic or more composed, shaped in an emotional way.”

He also explains how on Persona, chords – not arpeggios – take the lead, with the influences of Japanese music, cyberpunk and anime at the forefront of the record’s striking cover by London-based artist Ed Atkins.

Listen to Persona at Spotify and Apple Music.

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