A seriously impressive 10 minutes from the NTS regular and Touching Bass member. 

South London producer Wu-Lu is a force to be reckoned with. A member of the city’s Touching Bass collective, he explores jazz, funk, hip-hop and broken beat in both his own music and regular sets on London’s NTS radio.

We wanted to see what Wu-Lu could do with just 10 minutes in the studio, so we headed to the south London space he shares with fellow Touching Bass member (and recent Against The Clock guest) Kwake Bass to see him in action.

Wu-Lu didn’t just open into his sample folder for inspiration: he recorded a sample from his vinyl collection, made a drum loop on the MPC, played guitar and sang vocals as well. Wu-Lu’s latest EP N.A.I.S. is out now.

Watch above and listen to the finished track below.

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