Moog’s analog pedals are being retired after 20 years in production.

Moog’s Moogerfooger range – the effect pedal line that includes a low-pass filter, ring modulator, phaser and other functions based on the US company’s analog synth circuitry – is being discontinued.

The first Moogerfooger pedal, the MF-101 Low Pass Filter, based on Moog’s famous ladder filter, was released in 1998. Over its 20 years in production, the range expanded to include 20 different pedal variations.

To mark the occasion, Moog has shared an exclusive EP made by Colleen, who uses Moogerfoogers as a key part of her live set.

Although the Moogerfooger line included unusual pedals like the MF-108M Cluster Flux (a delay and LFO combination) and MF-105 MIDI MurF (a tempo-synced pedal for animated filter effects), the remaining Moogerfoogers in production are the three initial models, which included the MF-102 Ring Modulator and MF-103 12-Stage Phaser.

“As one of the longest running lines in the Moog Factory, the Moogerfooger family holds a special place in our hearts,” Moog said in a statement. “We will continue building a limited quantity of units here at the Moog Factory while our remaining inventory of parts and materials last.”

The Moogerfooger is one of several lines discontinued by Moog over the past few years. In 2017 it retired three different instruments: the Minimoog Voyager XL, 2016’s Model D reissue and its 500 Series analog effects modules. However, this year it released a new semi-modular drum synth, the DFAM, together with another patchable synth, the Grandmother.

Earlier this year, FACT visited Moog’s House of Electronicus, a synth-filled bungalow in Los Angeles – watch what went down below.

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