The King of Haus makes a banging modular club track in 10 minutes.

DJ Haus is one of the hardest working people in dance music.

As head of Unknown to the Unknown, he oversees a relentless schedule of releases from artists like DJ Boring, Mall Grab, Deadboy and Kornél Kovács. Alongside that he’s been a regular guest on FACT videos over the years, making beats with Willie Burns and finding out how synth master Legowelt makes his tracks.

DJ Haus is also a formidable producer in his own right, so we figured it was time we got him on Against The Clock. He set himself the challenge of making a dancefloor track in 10 minutes using his modular synth – with no cables patched to begin with – and smashed it, frankly.

DJ Haus’ forthcoming mixtape compilation DJ Haus Enters The Unknown Vol. 2 will be available in November – find out more here.

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