Listen to the track ‘Expectation or Obsession’ now.

Swiss sound artist Martina Lussi has joined the Paris-based label Latency for her sophomore album, Diffusion Is A Force.

Lussi employs field recordings, processed instrumentation and effects-heavy guitar throughout the project, with lead track ‘Expectation or Obsession’ featuring the sounds of both sports crowds and choral singing merging over synthesised strings.

The album is described by the label as “a reflection on fractured times where  familiar modes and models change their meaning with the ever-quickening pace of communication.” The track titles consist of “innuendos, empty phrases and claims – flirtations with perfume names and ironic assertions.”

Diffusion Is A Force is out now via Latency and follows releases from Laurel Halo and Sam Kidel. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Black Opium’
02. ‘Care’
03. ‘Higher Energy’
04. ‘Expectation or Obsession’
05. ‘Interlude’
06. ‘Classic Intense’
07. ‘Anarchy for Her’
08. ‘Movement in Mono (Stereomix)’
09. ‘Opening’

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